Shoring Tower Space

Shoring Tower Space:
For Access and Work in Great Heights

The MEVA shoring tower Space is a safe working and formwork platform for high pours up to 35 m. It is safely assembled on the ground and height-extended as the building grows.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


Square basic dimension of 480 cm

  • Sufficient working space to store material and Tools

Height: Basic units of 300 cm and extension units of 50 cm and 100 cm

  • Cost-saving transport, easy assembly, few components
  • Accessible in-between platforms

Alignment and bracing of the formwork against the shoring tower Space

  • No additional bracing of the formwork from the bottom required, fast alignment of the formwork from in-between platforms

Wind loads can be transferred into the shoring tower

  • No expensive additional securing of the building parts required
  • No interfering wind bracing on the platform


Modular design for vertical buildings of virtually any required height – even far above 35 m

  • Safe solution
  • Flying of pre-assembled units for a fast height adjustment

Assembly with commercially available planking with access hatches

  • Cost-effective, safe and efficient solution
Shoring Tower Space Features & Benefits

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