LAB: The Fast Working Platform

Working Platform LAB

LAB: The Fast Working Platform

Proven safety and working platform with fall protection. Pre-assembled for fast, cost-effective pours. Slip-proof aluminium sheet. 


Features & Benefits


Platform is covered with non-slipping aluminium on a hotdip galvanized steel frame construction

  • Durable, less cleaning effort
  • Safe walking

Guard-railing with protective steel mesh, railing extensions used as safety-catch scaffold

  • More safety from the very beginning
  • No additional safety net required

Compensation platform 240 closes gaps up to 200 cm

  • Systematic and fast compensations

Crescent-shaped corner platform for all right- and obtuse-angled corners  


Ready-to-use: fold up guard-railing, attach scaffold to crane, fold down brackets, lift and suspend

  • Fast assembly, safety right from the start

Integrated stacking aid and anti-slip protection

  • Efficient and fast transport in stacks

Working platform LAB 130/240 and compensation platform fit crosswise on a truck

  • Saves transport costs

Stacking height approx. 30 cm

  • At least seven platforms per transport stack

Platform lengths 240 cm and 340 cm and a crescent-shaped corner platform

  • Easy adaptation to every building geometry

Different suspension options: loop, shoe or tube suspension

  • A suitable suspension for each application
  • Scaffolding for rebar works up to a max. height of 6,00 m
  • Formwork up to 5,40 m high can be set
Working Platform LAB Features & Benefits


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Technical Data

  • Working platform LAB 130

    Galvanized. Guard-railings and brackets are made of tubes Ø 48,3 mm. The guard-railing is equipped with a protective steel... 

  • Compensation platform LAB 130/240

    Galvanized. Is primarily used for length adjustment up to 2,00 m. The compensation platform is attached to the adjacent... 

  • Corner platform LAB 130

    Galvanized. Crescent-shaped platform without guard-railing for outside corners between 70° and 180°. The guard-railings... 

  • Railing for corner platform LAB

    Galvanized. Each corner platform requires 3 guard-railings which are self-securing when assembled. The railings are... 

  • Uni-platform LAB 130/140

    Galvanized. Versatile supplement to the working platform LAB 130. Can be applied as inner corner, as working platform with a... 

  • Railing 140 LAB

    Galvanized. Pluggable railing for Uni-platform LAB 130/140 when used as working platform with a length of 1,40 m or as... 

  • Single scaffolding bracket LAB

    Galvanized. Can be used as a single bracket beneath corner platforms when applied in acute-angled corners, beneath... 

  • Guard-railing post 48/100 LAB

    Galvanized. Is used with single scaffolding brackets LAB and suited as railing extension for all types of guard-railing. 

  • Extension for guard-railing LAB

    Galvanized. With protective steel mesh (mesh width 100 x 100 mm). Extend the guard-railing by 1,00 m. 

  • Side railing LAB

    Galvanized. With integrated protective steel mesh (width 100 x 100 mm). Side protection for working platform LAB. Is... 

  • Board holder 48 LAB

    Galvanized. Permits railing boards and toe boards to be attached at any position of the railings and brackets. 

  • Coupling pin 48 LAB

    Galvanized. Is used to attach a scaffold tube to a railing post, e.g. when using protection nets. Can be attached to the... 

  • Pin connector LAB

    Galvanized. Connects corner railings LAB to each other for height extension. The railings of a level must be connected to... 

  • Bracket extension LAB

    Galvanized. Is used to bridge wall openings and allows platforms to be positioned about 1,30 m higher. Is provided with a... 

  • Pressure rod LAB

    Galvanized. Is used together with the bracket extension when bridging wall openings higher than 2,50 m. Delivery includes 2... 

  • Height adjustment 60/100 LAB

    Galvanized. Permits lowering of LAB_130 platforms beneath eaves by 60 cm or 100 cm. The height adjustment is secured to the... 

  • Combi ledger LAB

    Galvanized. Nailable ledger for single scaffolding bracket LAB to mount job-built planking or to adjust height if the... 

  • Bracket connection LAB

    Galvanized. Is used to fasten a single scaffolding bracket LAB to the corner platform LAB in acute-angled corners. The... 

  • Corner support LAB

    Galvanized. Turns the single scaffolding bracket LAB into a corner bracket. Delivery includes 2 pins 12/80 with cotter pins. 

  • Scaffold tube 110 LAB

    Galvanized. Supplement for Uni-platform LAB_130/140 in combination with single scaffolding brackets LAB. Is used to brace... 

  • Transport spreader LAB

    Galvanized, foldable. Max. load capacity 10 kN (1 ton). Is used to move working platforms LAB 130 beneath the eaves.  

  • Pin

    Galvanized, Ø 16 mm. Self-locking through tilting end. Is used to secure various accessories (pin is integrated) of the... 

  • Formwork connector head LAB

    Not shown. Galvanized. Is required when using working scaffolds LAB as pouring platforms.  

  • Suspension shoe LAB

    Galvanized. Provides a safe suspension point together with a sleeve LAB and a screw LAB. 

  • Sleeve LAB

    Built-in sleeve with DW thread Ø 26,5 mm, length 27 cm. Enables the installation of the suspension shoe LAB. A screw LAB is... 

  • Screw LAB

    Galvanized. DW thread 26,5. Is used to screw the suspension shoe LAB into the sleeve. Length of thread 25 cm. SW 36.  

  • Suspension loop 10

    Uncoated. Is used to suspend platforms. Loop Ø 10 mm. 

  • Tube suspension shoe LAB

    Galvanized. Together with sleeve LAB and screw LAB it provides a safe suspension point for the suspension tube 150 LAB. 

  • Suspension tube 150 LAB

    Galvanized. Is hooked into 2 tube suspension shoes LAB and permits the suspension of the working platform LAB at the joint... 

  • Loop plate LAB

    Galvanized. Is secured to the concrete slab with at least 2 dowels (Fischer FZA_14 x 60 M8I or similar) and used to suspend... 

  • Suspension plate LAB

    Galvanized. Is secured to the concrete slab with at least 2 dowels (Fischer FZA 14 x 60 M8I or similar) and used to suspend... 

  • LAB suspension for prefab parts

    Galvanized. Is used to suspend the working platform LAB 130 to prefabricated walls. Admissible load 2 kN/m² (200_kg/m²)... 

  • Sleeve for LAB suspension for prefab parts (compl.)

    Cast-in plastic part (lost). Is required for each application of the LAB suspension for prefab parts. 

  • Suspension rail LAB

    Galvanized. Is used to suspend and attach LAB or KAB platforms after pouring the wall or slab. If the wall contains a...