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Working scaffold

LAB easy safety, easy handling

Safety has top priority when a scaffold for masonry is erected. Other demands are: 

  • easy and quick handling
  • efficient transport
  • compact storage
  • few platform types for all building geometries

The working scaffold LAB 130 meets all these requirements. It is a practical working and safety scaffold, which is delivered in stacks and ready to use. The LAB 130 has an admissible load capacity of 300 kg/m².

Configuration LAB

  • Ready-to-use: fold up guard-railing, attach scaffold to a crane, fold down brackets, lift and suspend the working scaffold
  1. Fast assembly, safety right from the start
  • Integrated stacking aid and anti-slip protection
  1. Efficient and fast transport in stacks
  • Working platform LAB 130/240 and compensation platform fit crosswise on a truck
  1. Saves transport costs
  • Stacking height approx. 30cm
  1. at least 7 units per transport stack, reduces transport costs
  • Platform lengths 240cm and 340cm and a crescent-shaped corner platform
  1. Easy adaptation to every building geometry
  • Different suspension options: loop, shoe or tube suspension
  1. A suitable suspension for each application
  2. Scaffolding for rebar works up to a max. height of 6.00
  3. Formwork can be put up to a max. height of 5.40m (bracing onto the slab)


Design LAB

  • Platform is covered with nonslipping aluminium on a hotdip galvanized steel frame construction
  1. Long lifespan, less cleaning effort
  2. Safe walking
  • Guard-railing provided with protective steel mesh, railing extensions - also with steel mesh - can be used as safety-catch scaffold
  1. More safety from the very beginning
  2. No additional safety net required
  • Compensation platform 240 to close gaps up to 200cm
  1. Systematic and fast compensations, no need for tailored solutions
  • Crescent-shaped corner platform for all right- and obtuse-angled corners
  1. No additional planning: adaptation to all building geometries

Working platform LAB 130

Working platform LAB 130Zoom
Galvanized. Guard-railings and brackets are made of tubes Ø 48,3 mm. The guard-railing is equipped with a protective steel mesh (mesh width 100 x 100 mm). The platform is covered with a non-slipping aluminium on a hot-dip galvanized steel frame construction. Stacking height 30 cm. Admissible load capacity 3 kN/m² (300 kg/m²) according to DIN 4420, scaffolding group 4.

Compensation platform LAB 130/240

Compensation platform LAB 130/240Zoom
Galvanized. Is primarily used for length adjustment up to 2,00 m. The compensation platform is attached to the adjacent platforms with 2 integrated reversible couplings and thus secured against uplift and shifting. Admissible load capacity 2 kN (200 kg/m²) according to DIN 4420, scaffolding group 3.

Corner platform LAB 130

Corner platform LAB 130Zoom
Galvanized. Crescent-shaped platform without guard-railing for outside corners between 70° and 180°. The guard-railings must be ordered separately and need to be attached to the corner platform before use. The corner platform is secured against uplift and shifting by attaching the integrated couplers to the adjacent platforms. Admissbile load capacity 3 kN/m² (300 kg/m²) according to DIN 4420, scaffolding group 4.

Railing for corner platform LAB

Railing for corner platform LABZoom
Galvanized. Each corner platform requires 3 guard-railings which are self-securing when assembled. The railings are connected to each other with integrated couplings. When using a pin connector LAB, this railing can also be used as railing extension.

Uni-platform LAB 130/140

Uni-platform LAB 130/140Zoom
Galvanized. Versatile supplement to the working platform LAB 130. Can be applied as inner corner, as working platform with a length of 1,40 m (+ railing 140) or as compensation platform up to 1,00 m. Four connectors for single scaffolding brackets are integrated (incl. 4 pins 16/120).

Railing 140 LAB

Railing 140 LABZoom
Galvanized. Pluggable railing for Uni-platform LAB 130/140 when used as working platform with a length of 1,40 m or as compensation platform. Also serves as railing extension.

Single scaffolding bracket LAB

Single scaffolding bracket LABZoom
Galvanized. Can be used as a single bracket beneath corner platforms when applied in acute-angled corners, beneath compensation platforms or Uni-platforms. When used as a single bracket, a guard-railing post 48/100 LAB is also required.

Guard-railing post 48/100 LAB

Guard-railing post 48/100 LABZoom
Galvanized. Is used with single scaffolding brackets LAB and suited as railing extension for all types of guard-railing.

Extension for guard-railing LAB

Extension for guard-railing LABZoom
Galvanized. With protective steel mesh (mesh width 100 x 100 mm). Extend the guard-railing by 1,00 m.

Side railing LAB

Side railing LABZoom
Galvanized. With integrated protective steel mesh (width 100 x 100 mm). Side protection for working platform LAB. Is provided with an integrated coupling, a limit stop and a clamping device.

Board holder 48 LAB

Board holder 48 LABZoom
Galvanized. Permits railing boards and toe boards to be attached at any position of the railings and brackets.

Coupling pin 48 LAB

Coupling pin 48 LABZoom
Galvanized. Is used to attach a scaffold tube to a railing post, e.g. when using protection nets. Can be attached to the guard-railing post 48/100 LAB with a pin 14/90.

Pin connector LAB

Pin connector LABZoom
Galvanized. Connects corner railings LAB to each other for height extension. The railings of a level must be connected to each other.

Bracket extension LAB

Bracket extension LABZoom
Galvanized. Is used to bridge wall openings and allows platforms to be positioned about 1,30 m higher. Is provided with a pin 16/20 and a spacer. When bridging wall openings higher than 2,50 m, pressure rods LAB are also required.

Pressure rod LAB

Pressure rod LABZoom
Galvanized. Is used together with the bracket extension when bridging wall openings higher than 2,50 m. Delivery includes 2 pins 16/20.

Height adjustment 60/100 LAB

Height adjustment 60/100 LABZoom
Galvanized. Permits lowering of LAB 130 platforms beneath eaves by 60 cm or 100 cm. The height adjustment is secured to the platform with a pin 16/80 (included in the delivery) before flying the platforms.

Combi ledger LAB

Combi ledger LABZoom
Galvanized. Nailable ledger for single scaffolding bracket LAB to mount job-built planking or to adjust height if the compensation platform is provided with a bracket only on one side.

Bracket connection LAB

Bracket connection LABZoom
Galvanized. Is used to fasten a single scaffolding bracket LAB to the corner platform LAB in acute-angled corners. The single scaffolding bracket acts like a pressure rod. Delivery includes 2 pins 16/80. A corner support LAB is also required.

Corner support LAB

Corner support LABZoom
Galvanized. Turns the single scaffolding bracket LAB into a corner bracket. Delivery includes 2 pins 12/80 with cotter pins.

Scaffold tube 110 LAB

Scaffold tube 110 LABZoom
Galvanized. Supplement for Uni-platform LAB 130/140 in combination with single scaffolding brackets LAB. Is used to brace the single brackets when the Uni-platform is lifted.

Transport spreader LAB

Transport spreader LABZoom
Galvanized, foldable. Max. load capacity 10 kN (1 ton). Is used to move working platforms LAB 130 beneath the eaves.


Galvanized, Ø 16 mm. Self-locking through tilting end. Is used to secure various accessories (pin is integrated) of the working platform LAB.

Formwork connector head LAB

Formwork connector head LAB
Not shown. Galvanized. Is required when using working scaffolds LAB as pouring platforms.

Suspension shoe LAB

Suspension shoe LABZoom
Galvanized. Provides a safe suspension point together with a sleeve LAB and a screw LAB.

Sleeve LAB

Sleeve LABZoom
Built-in sleeve with DW thread Ø 26,5 mm, length 27 cm. Enables the installation of the suspension shoe LAB. A screw LAB is also required.

Screw LAB

Screw LABZoom
Galvanized. DW thread 26,5. Is used to screw the suspension shoe LAB into the sleeve. Length of thread 25 cm. SW 36.

Suspension loop 10

Suspension loop 10Zoom
Uncoated. Is used to suspend platforms. Loop Ø 10 mm.

Tube suspension shoe LAB

Tube suspension shoe LABZoom
Galvanized. Together with sleeve LAB and screw LAB it provides a safe suspension point for the suspension tube 150 LAB.

Suspension tube 150 LAB

Suspension tube 150 LABZoom
Galvanized. Is hooked into 2 tube suspension shoes LAB and permits the suspension of the working platform LAB at the joint of two platforms. The tube length of 1,50 m does not require an exact fitting of the anchoring points.

LAB suspension for prefab parts

LAB suspension for prefab partsZoom
Galvanized. Is used to suspend the working platform LAB 130 to prefabricated walls. Admissible load 2 kN/m² (200 kg/m²) when used with LAB 130/340.

Sleeve for LAB suspension for prefab parts

Sleeve for LAB suspension for prefab partsZoom
Cast-in plastic part (lost). Is required for each application of the LAB suspension for prefab parts.

Suspension rail LAB

Suspension rail LAB
Galvanized. Is used to suspend and attach LAB or KAB platforms after pouring the wall or slab. If the wall contains a thermal insulation layer, the suspension can only be attached if the layer is not thicker than 20 cm. Suspension rail is attached with two diagonal dowels (Fischer FZA 14/60 M8i or equivalent dowels). Dowels to be ordered separately.
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