Pressure High, Schedule Tight

Project: New factory with high food safety standards, Germany

Contractor: Ed. Züblin AG, Bereich Direkt Export & Bereich Dresden in cooperation with Cofely Deutschland GmbH

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut 350, Climbing scaffold KLK 230

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Germany, Dresden branch



New factory building with latest standards of food safety

A modern production facility for baby food is being built in Hessen, a state in mid-Germany. The factory follows high standards of food safety. After being completed, the company’s production  capacities will be doubled in total, helping to meet the growing market demand. 

Concrete works rely on the heavy- duty Mammut 350 (Imperial in the USA) wall formwork and its load capacity of 100 kN/m². This proved necessary when pouring the main hall and the two elevator shafts to heights beyond 40 m. High, fast pours of 11.40 m were completed in as little as three hours. 

Concrete pressure was monitored using pressure gauges attached through tie holes. This way, the site was able to fully and safely utilise the formwork’s load capacity. The formwork climbed on climbing scaffolds KLK 230, whose carriage allows the panels to be pulled back from the freshly poured walls by 70 cm.

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