Innovation in Bridge Construction
with MEVA Column Formwork Circo

Project: Bridge Constructions

Contractor: Keffler Bridge Co., Canfield, Ohio

MEVA Systems: Heavy-duty wall formwork Imperial, Circular column system Circo, Bridge construction accessories

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Springfield, OH



Keffler Bridge Company from Ohio Cuts Labor Costs by 50 % with MEVA

Replacing the cumbersome, ageold nuts-and-bolts method of building formwork for bridge piers, MEVA introduced a new system that´s easy and quick to set up, reduces labor and costs. It combines MEVA's circular column clamp system Circo with Imperial wall formwork panels. Clamp it! Hit it! Done! A sturdy, reliable solution that sets new standards.

Keffler Bridge Company employed this new system on a bridge project in Erie, Pennsylvania, where bull-nose bridge piers were to be poured. Up until now, assembling an “old generation” circular column form required plenty of nuts and bolts to enclose the form. Alignment issues would arise when pouring higher than 8’-0: This required a spud bar and extra labor to ensure proper alignment. Circo solves both: No more nuts and bolts. Just clamp it. Hit it. Done. The flange plate allows the form to self-align when stacked.

“Rigid, easy to set up, fewer parts”
Dave Keffler, owner of Keffler Bridge Company, says. “It's much easier to assemble and more rigid than the old-generation column forms. Circo requires fewer pieces and is much easier to fly. We don't have to build our own forms using lumber, we save labor and hardware and avoid combining two formwork systems when installing a bull-nose. We're impressed with the ease of stripping and the concrete finish. Plus a 50 % labor savings compared to the old column method.“

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