Mass housing project with 400 units in Cebu, Philippines

Contractor: Primary Structures Corp. Cebu, Philippines

MEVA System: Wall formwork system AluFix

Engineering and support: MEVA Formwork Systems Ltd., Singapore



Residential construction on the Philippines with AluFix

Fast and without Crane

In the light of continuing influx of people to the big cities, the government of the Philippines has embarked on a large-scale mass housing project with the aim of providing low-cost housing. Common to all these projects is that hundreds of residential units are built in a very short time and without cranes. The sturdy, yet light-weight hand-set system is the formwork of choice.

It offers technical features normally reserved for higher formwork classes. Assembly is by hand, fast and so simple, it’s virtually impossible to make any mistakes, a valuable plus in terms of worker safety. One example: the panels have an ergonomic grip profile which allows them to be handled safely and quickly even when wet.

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
... more than just formwork
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