Portishead: Residential Climbing

Project: Regeneration on east quay in Portishead, residential

Crest Nicholson Homes,
UK Capstan Contractors Ltd., UK

MEVA Systems: climbing scaffold KLK, wall formwork Mammut 350, slab formwork MevaDec 350, safety and anchory FormSet

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Tamworth, UK



East Quay Regeneration, Portishead with full service

Portishead, west of Bristol: A 60 acre site next to the town’s marina centre is being regenerated with residential and commercial facilities including 1,650 houses, apartments and shops.

During concrete works, there were three cores to be poured. Each was climbed three floors at a time using
the Mammut 350 wall formwork panels on sturdy KLK 230 climbing scaffolds for optimum speed and safety.

The KLK platform offers a comfortable 230 cm working space all around. The clamping fixture and sliding carriage allow the panels to be tilted and slid back from the wall. The setup is moved as one unit, thus saving time.

Mammut 350 wall system: 100 kN/m2 load capacity
The Mammut 350 has a concrete load capacity of 100 kN/m², permitting very fast concrete pours of up to 4 m in an hour. Worker safety and easy working conditions are supplied with the MEVA FormSet range of accessories.

MevaDec: fast, few parts, no crane
The MevaDec slab formwork was used to pour the slab in three equal pours using two sets of MevaDec and a spare set of props to cast the slab. The Team worked completely free from crane time availability. Their low weight allows the panels to be moved to the next floor level by hand. The MevaDec drop head with its quick-lowering system allows stripping the panels and beams early while the props remain as reshoring, saving inventory and speeding up work.

100 % wood-free, all-plastic facing
Plywood facing would have worn out after a few pours, forcing the site to re-face the panels, costing space, time and money. Only MEVA formwork with its unique all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing copes with unlimited re-uses and never needs refacing. What’s more, it can be cleaned with high pressure, ensuring a perfect concrete finish first time, every time.

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