MOX Project for Future Power with
MEVA Formwork Solutions

Project: USA’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

Contractor: Alberici Constructors

MEVA Systems: Imperial Wall Formwork, Climbing Scaffold KLK, Shoring System MEP, props and scaffold brackets

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Springfield, Ohio

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The MOX Project for Future Power

MEVA Formwork on USA’s Largest Nuclear Plant Project

MOX is the acronym for Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility - the second plant of its kind being built in the world, the other one is in France.

MEVA was chosen to provide the forming for the 1st Nuclear project built in the United States in over 20 years. When completed, the facility will convert weapons-grade plutonium into fuel cells that will be used to produce power in nuclear power plants. The plant is commissioned to go online by 2015.

Aggresive schedule
The challenges for MEVA include an aggressive construction schedule for both horizontal and vertical placement of 170,000 cubic yards of concrete – as well coordinating the placement of multiple embedded plates throughout the structure.

Cost saving formwork principle
MEVA engineers applied a simple, but effective principle to the formwork implementation: Reduce job-built or custom expenses to a minimum by using standardized MEVA equipment.

Highest load capacity: 2,025 psf
MEVA’s Imperial wall formwork was specified because of its highest load capacity (2,025 psf) which allows rapid pours in wall heights up to 24 ft and 6 ft wide. Standard Feet and Inch panel sizes reduce the need for job-built fillers. Over 106,000 ft² of Imperial are on site; on average 2500 lbs of steel embedded plates and penetration boxouts are attached to each gang before it is flown into place.

Worker safety
Weld-in tie-off bars on all Imperial panels ensure optimum worker safety, especially on the high walls.

All-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing
The self-healing properties of the all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing allow for repeated attachment of steel embedded plates without having to replace the facing. Plywood could never hold up to this usage.

MEP shoring: maximum flexibility
MEVA’s shoring system MEP is No. 1 in terms of easy pre-erection and crane-setting of towers inside the structure. It is the most versatile of all shoring systems, handling complex pours up to 35 ft high and slabs up to 4’-6 along with deep beams up to 4 ft. MEP frames are simple to raise and lower for safe access in stripping the high decks. The MEP props offer the patented quick-release SAS system that takes pressure from the deck pour. In addition, the gates are simple to adapt to job site conditions. Thus, towers can be configured to avoid low walls or equipment already in place.

Engineering: going the extra mile
An engineering team from MEVA’s Springfield headquarters is dedicated to the project – both in planning and on-site support. In addition, contractor Alberici’s building team was professionally trained at MEVA’s training facility in Springfield – enhancing utmost safety and smooth work-flow on site.

Joe Turner, Vice President of Alberici Constructors Incorporated in St. Louis, Missouri, says: “MEVA Imperial was chosen for “The MOX” to cope with the complexity and daily challenges of the project. The layout engineering provided by MEVA along with the alkus facing has yielded an exceptional finish with which the owner is very pleased. MEVA has provided us with an unsurpassed forming system and their ability to meet the very demanding engineering needs has contributed to our success on this project.“

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